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Art Activities for Mind and Imagination

Artistic Crafts: Inventive Creations with Cast-offs

Sculpture as Experience

Creating a baby is a craft. Forming a creative, intelligent, serene ehild is an art.


Your Child's Imagination

Welcome to Smart Starts in the Arts

This practical, easy-to-read book covers ways to bring the best of early child care into everyday routines with information on baby’s brain development and language; chapters on birth, nursing, feeding; ways to turn tears into smiles; the kind of play that stimulates creativity and learning; how to turn conflicts into resolutions, and more. Included are TV and travel tips and the importance of bringing art into daily life with projects in drawing, painting, poetry and song. All this while doing daily chores and routines. Busy lives become productive lives for enriched parent/child relationships.

Imagination, physical energy, the drive for self expression-- these are the natural endowments of young children. Use them for learning.

Smart Starts in The Arts

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